Older Adult / Gentle Classes

All classes have level indicators to help identify the best fit for each individual. As with any program or class, participants are encouraged to work at a level that is most appropriate for their own unique fitness level. All classes/programs can be modified to suit the needs of the participant. Participants are welcomed to join any class at any level, any time, the levels are recommendations. Check with your instructor for suggested modifications. 

​Level 1 - Beginner/Gentle
Level 2 - Intermediate
Level 3 – Advanced

New schedule will posted every 3 months. No refunds, credit will be issued for medical circumstances – DR. Note may be required. Missed clases can be made up at any time during the same month. ​

Staying Strong 
Level 1, 45 min   

This class is specifically designed to deliver low impact cardio exercises with high value strength activities, providing participants with real, tangible benefits that will improve overall function for everyday activity. This class is appropriate for anyone who is looking for a gentle, yet effective exercise option.
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Modified Yoga
Level 1-2, 45 min 

Increase and maintain good range of motion and flexibility using a variety of stretching and mobility techniques. In this class we will be using chairs and standing so don’t worry about having to get up and down from the floor. Learn tips and tricks to use at home to make stretching a part of your daily routine.
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Gentle Spin 
Level 1-2, 45 min   

Less intense drills, great for maintaining or gaining mobility and strength in the lower body. Low impact. 
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